Amar Singh Chamkila Had A Child With First Wife Gurmail After Marrying Amarjot, Reveals Imtiaz

Amar Singh Chamkila: Imtiaz Ali’s film ‘Amar Singh Chamkila’ was released on Netflix on April 12 and discussions around the late Punjabi singer’s personal life are still on. The film, starring Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra, has won hearts everywhere and Chamkila’s life has come to the spotlight once again. Chamkila’s first wife Gurmail Kaur was also present at the screening of the film in Mumbai. In a recent interview, Imtiaz Ali shared Gurmail’s reaction after watching the film. He also shared a personal detail about the Punjabi singer who was assassinated in 1988 along with his second wife Amarjot. 

Chamkila’s first wife’s reaction to the film
In a conversation with News 18, Imtiaz shared Amar Singh Chamkila’s first wife’s reaction after watching the film. “After she saw the film with her daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren, she told me that she loved it. She hugged me and cried. We all got emotional. Her feedback at that point was really positive,” he told News 18. 

Chamkila had a child with his first wife after his marriage with Amarjot
The director also revealed that Gurmail and Chamkila had a child,  after his marriage with Amarjot Kaur and after the birth of their son Jaiman. 

“He had another child with Gurmail after having a child with Amarjot. The circumstance of that has been explained to me by Chamkila’s sister. I’ve it on record and I had written a scene about it also but had to cut it down because it was somehow a bit less relevant than the ones that were already there,” he was quoted as saying by News 18. 

Why not much of Chamkila and his first wife’s relationship  was shown in the film
“I couldn’t show too much of her in the film because that part of Chamkila’s life was hidden from Amarjot and the whole world. It’s only later in the film that we revealed that he has another wife. I paper-edited the film a lot in order to bring it to the duration that it has today. But I agree that there’s a lot that could have been discovered in their relationship. There are a lot of interesting stuff that happened in their lives. Chamkila was six years younger than Gurmail. When they got married, he got a bicycle. After the wedding, they cycled back home with Chamkila being the pillion rider for most part of the journey. They took turns but he mostly sat in the backseat because he was less than 16 years old,” he said. 

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