‘Ye To Khali Family Ki Films Karta Hai’: Aayush Sharma On How Bollywood Perceives Him

New Delhi: Aayush Sharma is awaiting the release of his upcoming action outing ‘Ruslaan’ with Sushrii Shreya Mishraa. Salman Khan’s brother-in-law and actor has been on a promotion spree for his film. In a recent interaction with Bollywood Bubble, Aayush Sharma spoke about his Bollywood journey from a background dancer to a lead actor, the notion of always having the backing of ‘Khan family’ and how he wishes to carve a niche for himself in the film industry.

Aayush Sharma on stepping outside his comfort zone for ‘Ruslaan’

At the trailer launch of ‘Ruslaan’, Aayush Sharma had shared that the film was outside his comfort zone because it was not being produced under his brother-in-law’s banner. Clarying the same stance, he told Bollywood Bubble that people think he is an outsider in the context that “I only want to work in the family, but I want to tell everyone that I am open to working with all. I am only starting now.”

Aayush Sharma as an outsider within the industry

Sharma also added, “Main us mukam par nahi pahuncha abhi ki mai filmein decide karta huin ya pata ho ye ki ye film karunga ya ye nahi karunga… mujhe different roles play karne hai, different avenues mein kam karna hai ( I have not reached that station in life where I get to choose from the films I want to be in, I want to play different roles and be a part of different avenues).” 

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Aayush Sharma on working outside the Salman Khan Films production banner

Saying that many in the industry feel that he wants to work only under the Khan family production banner, Aayush clarified that that is not the case and that he is excited to grow and do more roles.

“This outsider perspective is in the industry as well ki agar hum inko cast karnege to puri family his involved hai, ye peeche jo poster hai ye iska example hai ki ye without family film bani hai. Main excited huin ki mujhe seekhne ko milega ( If I am cast in a film outside the family banner, people believe that the entire Khan family will become involved, which is not true. If you take a look at Ruslaan’s poster, you will know that the film has not been produced by the Khan family.)

Aayush Sharma also shared that he is thinking about growing his avenues of income by singing and being part of music vidoes when he will be working over a film for a period of two years. Sharma also added that if people liked his stuff, ‘well and good’, if not, he still has the bathroom to sing.

Aayush Sharma on making a niche for himself in Bollywood


When the interviewer asked about preconceived notions as far as Aayush’s association with Khan family was concerned or the fact that people are more interested in where Aayush comes from rather than his talent, Aayush said, “I think, vo hai. Jab aap ek badi shadow ke neeche rehte hai to kahin na kahin sooraj kum milta hai. Kabhi kabhi log kehte hai ki agar aap garmi se bachna chah te ho to ped ke neeche chale jayie but ped ke neeche dhoop bhi itni nahi milti to voh paudha ped nahi ban pata. Ab agar mujhe ped ban na hai to mujhe shadow se bahr to nikalna padega, dhoop apne upar leni padegi tabhi main  inshaallah ped ban paonga (Whenever you are under a big shadow, you tend to receive less sunlight. People also say that to escape extreme heat and light, you stand near a tall tree but in that case, that small plant does not get enough sunlight to become a tree itself. So, I want all of the sunlight to grow and become my own person).

While Aayush Sharma spoke in metaphors, it is quite clear that the actor is willing to make a mark in his Bollywood career after stepping outside his comfort zone.

‘Ruslaan’ on the other hand will be released on April 26, 2024.

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