When Ranvir Shorey Watched Jupiter Through Sushant Singh Rajput’s Telescope

New Delhi: During the filming of the 2019 film ‘Sonchiriya’, late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s passion for science, particularly physics and astronomy, became evident to his co-stars. Ranvir Shorey, known for his role in the film, alongside Sushant, recently reminisced about the camaraderie he shared with the late actor on the set. In a heartfelt interview, Ranvir reflected on their friendship and the profound connection they built over their mutual love for physics.

In a conversation with ANI, Ranvir Shorey shared insights into their bond, stating, “We actually got along quite well during the two-month-long shoot of ‘Sonchiriya’. And we bonded over physics because both of us love physics. We had a lot of conversations on that.”

Ranvir recalled an eclipse during filming when Sushant brought his telescope from Mumbai to witness the lunar eclipse. “I remember when we were shooting, there was an eclipse. It was a lunar eclipse and Saturn was lining up behind it. He flew down his big telescope from Bombay just for that. And when we were shooting in Dholpur, there was a big telescope in the garden,” he reminisced.

The actor talked about the unique experience of viewing through a telescope. Ranvir added, “He called everyone, drinks, you know, cocktails and snacks and all. And that’s the only time I’ve actually looked through a telescope and seen it straight…There were three. Moon, Jupiter, Saturn lining up. With my own eye. And I’m telling you, the feeling of seeing it through your eye via a telescope is very different from looking at it on a screen. There’s something…I don’t know what it is. It’s a different quality of experience…fond memories.”
Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise in June 2020 left a void in the film industry and beyond. While investigations into his death continue, his legacy is cherished by those who knew him both on and off-screen.

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