Vidya Balan Feels Bollywood Superstars Would Never Play A Gay Man Like Mammootty In Kaathal

Vidya Balan, who loves Malayalam cinema, believes that the actors in Bollywood would never take a role like Malayalam superstar Mammootty did in ‘Kaathal,’ where he portrays a gay man.

Vidya Balan praises Mammootty’s performance in Kaathal
During an interview with ‘Unfiltered By Samdish,’ Vidya expressed her admiration for Mammootty’s performance in ‘Kaathal’, commending him not only for accepting such a role but also for producing the film.

“I recently watched Kaathal and he is so beautiful in it. I messaged Dulquer after that saying will you please convey my message to your father. Not only has he acted in the film but he has also produced it. To have played a gay man for the biggest superstar in Malayalam cinemaI think there is no better show of acceptance and support for the community. I thought it was brilliant,” Vidya said.

Vidya on Bollywood superstars not playing a gay character
She also said that the male actors of the stature of Mohanlal and Mammootty in Bollywood would likely shy away from such roles. Unfortunately I don’t think any of our Hindi film actors would be able to do a film like Kaathal. I only mean male actors. For a male hero, they already have a prototype so they are stuck. I think it is tough yahaan wo hona, bohat hi muskhil, namumkin lagta hai mujhe agar ho jaaye yo bohat acchi baat hai (I think it is tough to happen here, very difficult, it seems impossible to me. If it happens, then it’s a very good thing.)”

When asked if she thinks that the Hindi audience is less accepting of their stars portraying a gay character, Vidya responded, “We have to accept that it is a more literate audience in Kerala that makes a big difference. When you talk of the lowest common denominator that you are catering to that is also very different in Kerala. So, Im not taking away from the fact that he still did it which is absolutely brilliant but maybe it is a bit easier there. 

Vidya further praised Mammootty and said, “They revere their actors like no one else in South, they worship their actors, especially their male superstars so I think it’s that much more creditable that he went ahead and did it. He didn’t feel or think that oh it would reflect on my machismo. He is a very secure actor.” 

Directed by Jeo Baby, Kaathal – The Core also stars Jyothika.

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