Shreyas Talpade Shares Update On ‘Golmaal 5’ Release Date

New Delhi: Actor Shreyas Talpade provided an exciting update regarding the highly anticipated ‘Golmaal 5’, the next installment in the beloved comedy franchise. Talpade, a recurring character in the Golmaal series, expressed hope that the film would grace theatres next Diwali, slated for 2025.

Before Rohit Shetty crafted his renowned cop universe, he established the blockbuster comedy franchise, ‘Golmaal’. The forthcoming fifth installment, ‘Golmaal 5’, has been eagerly awaited by fans, and Shreyas Talpade’s revelation sheds light on the film’s progress.

In a conversation with News18, Shreyas stated, “Just before the pandemic, Rohit and Ajay bhai had announced that we will soon be shooting for Golmaal 5. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened and everything went for a toss. Recently, he made a statement that we will be doing Golmaal 5. I’m hoping that we do it next year and next Diwali is when we get to see Golmaal 5.”

Talking more about the film, he added, “Golmaal is very close to our hearts. Especially after the last Golmaal, we missed it when it was over. It was so much fun on the sets that we couldn’t face each other and say our lines because we would burst out laughing. Golmaal is a very, very special for all of us and we are waiting for it.”

Joining the Golmaal franchise with Golmaal Returns (2008), Shreyas Talpade has portrayed the character of Laxman in the last three sequels: Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3 (2010), and Golmaal Again (2017). 

In December 2023, Talpade encountered a life-threatening heart attack while filming ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, undergoing angioplasty to survive. Reflecting on the incident with the Times of India in January 2024, Shreyas disclosed that he was clinically deceased for 10 minutes as his heart stopped beating.

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