Shahid Kapoor To Sourav Ganguly: Celebs Praise Ajay Devgn-Led Maidaan: ‘Must Watch Indian Sport

New Delhi: ‘Maidaan’ continues to receive great response from audiences and critics alike. Several Bollywood celebrities have shared their views about the Ajay Devgn starrer sports drama. Karan Johar, Javed Akhtar, Shahid Kapoor, Sourav Ganguly, Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Dhawan are among the many celebrities who have expressed admiration for the film.

Shahid Kapoor praises Maidaan

On Friday, Shahid Kapoor took to his Instagram Stories to share Maidaan’s poster alongside which he wrote, “Really enjoyed watching Maidaan today. Such a well made well performed film.Go watch it guys. This is a genuine candid post you all. Good films deserve to be seen. All the best to the entire team.”

Karan Johar on Maidaan

Karan Johar also took to his Instagram story to write, “Have heard the most incredible things about MAIDAAN!! I also can’t wait to watch what is universally touted as @ajadevgn’s career best performance!…”

Varun Dhawan on Maidaan

Varun Dhawan also shared his excitement about watching ‘Maidaan’. The ‘Baby John’ actor shared, “Hearing such incredible stuff about this film and the performances specially the lst 30 minutes booking my ticktes today.”

Sourav Gangul about Maidaan

Former cricketer Sourav Ganguly aslo praised ‘Maidaan’. Showering his praise on the film, Sourav called  Maidaan ‘a captivating portrayal of India’s legendary football coach, Syed Abdul Rahim’.

Sourav took to his official Twitter handle to share his note alongside the film’s poster. He wrote, “Don’t miss out on the cinematic experience of Maidaan, a captivating portrayal of India’s legendary football coach, Syed Abdul Rahim, and the golden era of Indian football. Witness the iconic Indian football stars brought back to life on the big screen in this must-watch Indian sports film.”


As per in-house review of ‘Maidaan’, “Despite its lengthy runtime of 3 hours, the film tries to justify its duration by diving into the events preceding India’s victory at the 1962 Asian Games. However, some scenes feel unnecessarily dragged, and trimming them a bit could have boosted the film’s pace and cut moments where the audience might feel the urge to yawn or glance at their watches. Even so, much like the Indian team, the movie transcends its flaws to touch your heart, an accomplishment it achieves with aplomb.”

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