Shahid Kapoor On Kabir Singh & Animal’s Ranvijay Singh Collaboration In Animal Park: ‘Very Exciting For The Audience’

New Delhi: Shahid Kapoor and Rabir Kapoor have delivered their career’s biggest hits with the controversial filmmaker Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s equally talked about films: Kabir Singh and Animal respectively. As Shahid continues to promote his upcoming film ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Ulja Jiya’ he was asked about a crossover between the two characters in Vanga’s next film ‘Animal Park’.

In Kabir Singh, Shahid had portrayed the title character. Many people have criticized both of the Vanga flicks for being overly violent and misogynistic.

Shahid stated in an interview with Bollywood Bubble that he thinks it highly improbable that Animal’s Ranvijay and Kabir Singh will collaborate on an Animal Park, although he said, “Certain things are very exciting for the audience. Really… the ball is not in my court and it’s not so easy because I think the universes are quite different.”

Although Shahid expressed doubts about its viability, he acknowledged that it would be fantastic if it came to pass.

“If something like that happens, it would be great but is it practically possible? Is it doable? Who will write it? When will it happen? There are so many practical things that happen,” he said.

Speaking about the second season of his Prime Video comedy Farzi, Shahid noted that sometimes things are delayed because the public is unaware of the other things the creators are juggling.

“Everyone’s asking me when is the next season of Farzi coming out and it is very difficult to explain it to them that the directors (Raj & DK) have two shows that they have written and they have to finish them and then they have to come back to write this. (The audience says) ‘They have not even started writing it? What’s wrong with them? They are so stupid. They should immediately make it. This is what people want to watch’. And I’m like… I wish it was that simple, but it’s not. But it’s a great thought. If the audience gets excited by that, I am happy,” he said in the same interaction.


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