Rekha Aced Jamal Kudu Dance Step Years Before Bobby Deol That Too In Salman Khan’s Debut Film

Rekha’s Jamal Kudu dance: Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal is undoubtedly one of the most talked about films of 2023. The film, which received extreme reactions from all quarters, was a huge box office success and revived Bobby Deol’s career. The actor, despite his less screen time, got immense love for the film. The actor’s entry song ‘Jamal Kudu’ and his dance became viral and was all over the internet. Recently an old clip from veteran actress Rekha’s film started doing the rounds on the internet where she is seen doing the same steps. 

Rekha’s video goes viral
An internet user shared a video of Rekha dancing to a song from the 1988 movie ‘Biwi Ho Toh Aisi’. In the video, she is seen dancing with a glass on her head, similar to Bobby’s famous step from Animal. The user added ‘Jamal Kudu’ song in the background. 

Netizens were quick to comment on the reel. A user wrote, “Ma’am already did this When Bobby Deol was a child 😂” 

“She’s done everything before it becomes trend,” quipped another user. 

“Lord Bobby ❌ Lord Rekha ✅,” read another comment. 

Another user commented, “Rekha was aesthetic before aesthetic was a thing.” 

Meanwhile, another user praised Rekha’s timeless style, commenting, “She was way ahead for that generation.”

The original video is from the song titled ‘Sasu ji tune meri kadar’ from the film which also marked Salman Khan’s debut. 

Watch the song here:

‘Biwi Ho To Aisi’ starred Rekha, Farooq Sheikh, Bindu, Kader Khan, and Salman Khan. The film, released in 1988, was directed by J. K. Bihari. 

Bobby Deol on the song’s popularity
Earlier, Bobby Deol had spoken about the rage ‘Jamal Kudu’ song and his dance steps had become. In a conversation with Bollywood Spy, the actor said, “It is crazy, people are keeping a glass on their dog’s head and dancing. Somebody had worn an exact same suit like mine. It’s just overwhelming to see all of that. He (Sandeep Reddy Vanga) had made me listen to the music beforehand. He has got a great sense of music.”

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