Redditors Slam Sara Ali Khan’s Performance In Murder Mubarak: ‘Forget Ramp Walk, Namaste. Find Something New’

New Delhi: Netflix release, ‘Murder Mubarak’, which stars Sara Ali Khan, Vijay Varma, and Karisma Kapoor is on everyone’s watchlist this weekend. While many have praised the film on several social media platforms, a section of the audience has disliked the film. Many people were unimpressed with Sara’s performance in the Homi Adajania movie and expressed their opinions on Reddit, saying that Sara needs to start acting classes right away.

Many people talked about how they watched ‘Murder Mubarak’ on Reddit, pointing out how Sara stands out as being strange in  instances where she appears on film alongside Vijay Varma and Pankaj Tripathi. Sara was publicly criticised on Reddit for her performance.

Redditors slam Sara Ali Khan

Another comment read, “Sara, hire an acting coach. Take him/ her for your vacations this summer and train yourself. Sara also don’t make anymore comments on middle class living coz that will piss off audience coz they don’t see you as middle class and you are only further mocking their state and being. It’s not done. Even if it’s in the promotions.The shayari the fun videos are not getting the traction anymore. Tell spice to make a plan for you for this year right now! Trust me you need a new plan.Forget ramp walk and namaste. Find something new sara. Sara 2.0 now or never.”


Sara Ali Khan cannot act.
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A user wrote, “I’m watching it rn. First time I am watching her in a film for some reason I thought she was bad but the better one out of the nepodis. But no. Shes so so so so so bad. Her face is so irritating and her expressions are worse, none of the dialogues feel natural even in simple scenes she’s bad. Can’t believe she’s been ‘acting’ for 5+ years.”

“I really wish that instead of flaunting her degrees, she had done theater to understand acting a lot more before coming to Bollywood. Acting school is 100000000 times more important for current lot of actresses than PR image or fashion shows.” Another Reddit user commented.

Another comment on the same thread read, “Yes and her acting stands out as especially bad with so many great and veteran co-actors. It’s probably not fair for her to be in the same frame as Pankaj Tripathi, Tisca Chopra & Vijay Varma. There was a post saying Karsima was bad, idk what they are talking, she was fantastic in what little she was given, effortlessly switching from hamming away as a B list actress to a single mother hiding a dark secret. She should be onscreen more.”

Someone also pointed out Sara Ali Khan’s recent interview where she spoke about unlearing alot for ‘Murder Mubarak’.
The user commented, “I agree a 100% Sara Ali Khan cannot act. She is beyond repair. In some interview she was saying she had to unlearn what she knew for this movie. Clearly she didn’t because she is as bad as she has always been.”


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