Rajkummar Rao Expresses Concern Over Deepfake Videos, Watch

Rajkumar Rao has expressed his concern over deepfake videos amid the ongoing debate on artificial intelligence (AI). The actor also asserted that there should be strict laws to prevent the misuse of technology. Recently, many celebrities from the entertainment industry, including Rashmika Mandanna, Aamir Khan, and Ranveer Singh, became victims of deepfake videos.

Rajkumar Rao talks about viral deepfake videos 

In an interview with ANI, Rajkummar Rao, who is awaiting the release of his upcoming film, ‘Srikanth’, was asked about viral deepfake videos and whether he sees them as a threat. The actor said that people should be made aware of the use of the technology. 

“If someone misuses it or anything, there should be very strict laws,” he said. Rao also added that there should be measures taken to prevent misuse. 

Rajkummar on Srikanth Bolla

Rajkummar spoke about his film and how he was moved after finding out about Srikanth’s struggles. “When I got to know about Srikanth’s life, when I first heard his story from Tushar, I was also very moved. I was very inspired that a person achieved so much at such a young age despite being visually impaired. So I thought this story is very important to spread to the world because we all need inspiration in our lives. Sometimes, we feel low and want to get out from the situation. Srikanth is such a character which will entertain and inspire you at the same time.”

In the movie ‘Srikanth’, Rajkummar Rao will essay the role of entrepreneur Srikanth Bolla. The film revolves around the journey of industrialist Srikanth Bholla, who attained his goals despite his visual impairment and established Bollant Industries.

Talking about the role, the actor said, ”I started working with a lot of people who were visually impaired in real life. I sat with them for hours and talked to them. I took videos and used to watch those videos many times. Just to understand their perception and what they feel about the world and how they deal in situations. I spent a lot of time with Srikanth as I am depicting his life on screen. So, I got a lot from him which I used in my performance.”

‘Srikanth’ also stars Jyotika, Alaya F and Sharad Kelkar in the lead roles. The film will be released in theatres on May 10, 2024.

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