Parineeti Chopra Gets Into ‘Fitted Outfit’ To Shut Pregnancy Rumors | Khabar Filmy Hai

Parineeti Chopra found herself at the centre of pregnancy speculations. However, the actress swiftly put an end to the rumours, not through words but through her fashion choices during the film’s promotions. Last week, Parineeti took to Instagram to debunk the rumours, humorously addressing the misconceptions surrounding her attire choices. Sharing a story, she wrote, “Kaftan dress = pregnancy, oversized shirt = pregnancy, Comfy Indian Kurta = pregnancy”. Continuing to deny her pregnancy speculations, Parineeti shared a video on Monday showcasing her donning a well-fitted outfit, a pantsuit. The clip humorously juxtaposed her current attire with the controversial kaftan dress, emphasising her curves and dismissing the pregnancy rumours once and for all.

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