No Movie Reviews Within 48 Hours Of Release: Amicus Curiae Appointed By Kerala HC

New Delhi: In the ongoing discussion about the impact of negative social media reviews on a film’s box office performance, the amicus curiae appointed by the Kerala High Court has proposed a recommendation: films should not be reviewed within the initial 48 hours of their release. 

According to ANI, the report submitted by amicus curiae Shyam Padman outlines stringent guidelines aimed at preventing “review bombing” and fostering an environment where viewers can form their own opinions without the undue influence of biased reviews. 

ANI reported that that report says that there is a prevalence of individuals conducting reviews on social media for personal gain, with negative reviews being directed at those unwilling to pay. Current legal limitations make it challenging to address this issue, as it does not fall under the categories of extortion or blackmail. 

To counteract the rise of review bombings, the amicus curiae report proposes the establishment of a dedicated portal within cyber cells to receive complaints related to such activities. 

Furthermore, the report emphasises that reviewers, including vloggers, should exercise caution in their critiques. Constructive criticism is encouraged, while disrespectful language, personal attacks, or derogatory remarks against actors, filmmakers, and others should be avoided. The focus should be on offering constructive feedback rather than tearing down the film. 

The report underscores the importance of upholding legal and ethical standards, as well as professionalism in the reviewing process. Justice Devan Ramachandran has instructed to communicate the central government’s stance on the recommendations outlined in the report. 

The High Court noted that the public is becoming increasingly discerning about the veracity of negative comments regarding films. Despite the prevalence of negative feedback, the court highlighted recent instances where new films achieved success. 

In response to the rise of deliberate attempts to degrade newly released movies for financial gain, the amicus curiae has recommended a delay in reviews, especially in the initial 48 hours following a film’s release. The court acknowledged that people have become more aware of fake negative comments and ulterior motives behind certain reviews. 

This move comes in the wake of complaints filed against vloggers intentionally degrading newly released films. Kochi City Police registered the first complaint on October 25, 2023, following the director of Rahel Makan Kora’s allegations of deliberate efforts to tarnish the film on various social media platforms. The police’s action was in response to the directives from the Kerala High Court. 

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