Nawazuddin Siddiqui Shares Bollywood Actors Earn Around Rs 10 Crore Per Film

New Delhi: Renowned actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui recently shared how much an actor is paid in the Indian film industry and also shared that he doesn’t negotiate with the makers.  

The actor delved into a conversation with Unfiltered by Samdish on YouTube, providing viewers with a perspective on the film industry. During the interview, the host probed Nawazuddin about the financial aspects of the film industry, insisting him to reveal approxiamate figure of what actors earn in India. Nawazuddin revealed that for films, the figure is substantial, around Rs 10 crore. 

The host asked, “How much money do the actors make, approximately?” The actor said, “They earn a lot.” When the host probed further, “10 crore or more than that?” Nawauddin said, “Uske aas paas. (Somewhere around that.)”

When asked if Nawazuddin personally negotiates his fee, the actor stated that he doesn’t negotiate much because the industry pays fairly based on merit. He said, “Industry jo hai na, jitna deserve karte ho utna deti hai. Negotiation karoge toh voh puchlegi ki aap deserve karte ho itna. Toh phir aapke paas jawaab kya hoga?” (The industry gives as much as you deserve. If you negotiate, they will ask how much you think you deserve. So, what will be your answer then?)  

The host also asked if Nawazuddin does some films solely for money. The actor candidly admitted, “Ofcourse. I say that I’m doing this for the money. So that I can do a film like Manto for free.”  

When asked what motivates the actor to continue working. Nawazuddin expressed his passion for the craft, stating, “I like working. I know that I get to learn new things in acting… That’s my life, that’s what I’m interested in. That’s everything for me.” 

Touching on his career choices, Nawazuddin affirmed that he has moved away from accepting smaller roles in films. Even the offer of a substantial sum, like Rs 25 crore, wouldn’t entice him to take on a minor role. Nawazuddin emphasised in the interview that if he were ever out of acting jobs, he would never ask for one but prefer selling all his belongings to make a film himself.   

On the professional front, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is gearing up for his upcoming film Section 108, a crime thriller directed by Rasikh Khan, also starring Arbaaz Khan and Regina Cassandra. 

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