Kartik Aaryan Recalls Gaining 16 To 18 Kg For ‘Freddy’, Says ‘I Got Used To Eating A Lot’

New Delhi: Actor Kartik Aaryan, who is currently promoting his upcoming film ‘Chandu Champion’, talked about his physical transformation in detail. He talked about how he dropped a significant amount of weight after shooting his 2022 psychological thriller ‘Freddy’ and how it all led up to this film. Kartik portrayed a dentist in ‘Freddy’ in which his character had a potbelly. The actor said that he had to eat a lot more food than normal to put on 16 to 18 kilos for the character.

The actor recalled when he had to gain weight to portray the role of ‘Freddy’. In an interview with Mashable India, Kartik discussed the ups and downs of this rigorous training and how seriously he takes his role.

Talking about ‘Freddy’, he said, “I chose Freddy because it was exciting. It felt very interesting to play a role like Freddy. I wanted to play an edgy role and it got lots of love also. I think it was worth it.”

Kartik’s naturally slim build made gaining weight a challenging task. He shared that during the preparation for his role in ‘Freddy’, he became addicted to eating a lot. Kartik said, “I got used to the idea of eating a lot. I gained around 16 to 18 kgs for this film. My fat percentage must have gone 41-42% or 40% I don’t know. At that time, I wasn’t checking it. I checked it right after Freddy, when we were starting the prep for ‘Chandu Champion’. During the prep, we recorded 39% of the fat at that time. It was all Freddy’s weight gain.”

He concluded, “I had so much fat in my body at that time.”

Kartik’s trainer Samir Jaura said, “Kartik is someone with a genetically lean body. So, when he was required to gain around 14 kilos for Freddy, we knew it was going to be a task. But his dedication is next level!”, quoted by Hindustan Times.

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Kartik Aaryan’s transformation for ‘Chandu Champion’

To portray Murlikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympic gold medal winner, Kartik Aaryan has gone above and beyond. It seems that all that time spent working out paid off for the actor, as his incredible physical change for ‘Chandu Champion’ has fans in awe. 

Recently, he took to social media to share his journey “From 39 % body fat to 7 % body fat.”

The actor’s impressive six-pack, the result of his rigorous exercise routine, was on full show. His strong physique—broad shoulders, chiselled biceps, and bulging veins proves that he has worked really hard. 

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