Kangana Ranaut Shares She Has Script Ready For Bilkis Bano Film

New Delhi: Actor Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday said that she has a script ready for a film based on Bilkis Bano case but is not able to make it because of the lack of support from film studios and OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime Video. 

The Supreme Court on Monday invalidated the Gujarat government’s decision to release the 11 convicts, who raped five-month-pregnant Bilkis Bano and killed her family during the 2002 Gujarat riots. 

After the verdict, a user on X asked Kangana about making a film on Bilkis Bano. He wrote: “Dear Kangana ma’am, your passion for women empowerment is so encouraging! Would you be interested in telling the story of Bilkis Bano with a powerful movie? Will you…. Will you do it for Bilkis Bano, feminism or at least humanity?” 

She shared that she wanted to make such a film for a long time but lack of support has been the reason for her to not being able to make the film. 

She wrote: “I want to make that story, I have the script ready, researched and worked on it for three years. But Netflix, Prime Video and other studios wrote back to me that they have clear guidelines they don’t do so-called politically motivated films.” 

“JioCinema said we don’t work with Kangana because she supports BJP and Zee is going through a merger. What are my options?” 

Another user appeared surprised by her tweet and wrote, “Interesting tweet , OTT platform owned by one of the richest people in India , who incidentally is alleged to be close to @narendramodi, allegedly doesn’t support KANGANA for being ‘close’ to @BJP4India”

To which Kangana shared how her project Noti Binodini was dropped as the OTT platform wanted Kangana to be replaced.

“Yes there film content head called Sohbha Sant told my producers of Noti Binodini to change the actress and said that she will green light the project in one day if they do so. My producer and director tried to convince them they didn’t want to compromise on the casting of the film, they even sent me to Jio office to beg and plead with them, instead I decided meet the ceo Jyoti Deshpandey and directly asked what was their reservation, she insisted there was no such thing but later they dropped the project never took my calls and last week I got the update that Shobha Sant told my producers on that record that ask Kangana to never support BJP or fight elections if she gives that in writing they will go ahead with the project, needless to say I was numb for days.”

On the work front, she will next be seen in ‘Emergency’, in which she is playing the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

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