Fighter Director Siddharth Anand Reacts To Legal Notice To Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone Starrer

New Delhi: ‘Fighter’, starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, received a legal notice over a kissing scene a few days ago. In a recent interview with The Times of India, filmmaker Siddharth Anand addressed the issue and made it clear that the film was produced in “complete conjunction with the IAF”.

Siddharth Anand stated in an interview with The Times of India that the Indian Air Force was a major associate partner and co-collaborator on the movie. 

“This film has gone through meticulous procedures with the IAF, right from the submission of the script, to the production planning, viewing the film before the censor saw it on the censor board, watching it again at the IAF, reviewing the film after the censor, and then giving us a physical copy of the NOC No Objection Certificate. After that, we got the certificate. We got the censor certificate. Then, we showed the entire film to everyone in the Air Force, including the Air Force Chief, Mr. Chaudhary, and over 100 Air Marshals from across the country. We called them and hosted a screening for them one day before the film’s release in Delhi, and they gave us a standing ovation,” the filmmaker said.

The director went on to say that he has no idea who is registering complaints and that the person who has done so is not connected to the IAF. 

“We have checked with the concerned team, and they have informed us that no such person exists under the IAF. So we have no idea who is doing this. We are in a business where there will be social commentary. So, we are totally used to it,” he said.

A legal notice was given by Indian Air Force official Wing Commander Saumya Deep Das, according to a broadcast that aired on India TV, last week. The letter criticized the kissing scene in which the main actors were spotted in uniform on a runway, pointing out that the movie normalizes inappropriate conduct in uniform.

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