Darshan Kumar On Working With Neena Gupta In ‘Kaagaz 2’: ‘Our Bond Was Instant’

New Delhi: Audiences have showered Darshan Kumaar with an abundance of love ever since his debut as a lead in ‘Mary Kom’. Following the release of the of his upcoming film, Kaagaz 2, Darshan has been receiving accolade’s for his portrayal of such a nuanced character on screen. With Kaagaz 2, Darshan Kumaar will be seen collaborating with Neena Gupta yet again after having previously worked with her during their theatre days.

Speaking about this reunion, Darshan Kumaar expressed, “Neena ji is my first Guru in Mumbai and has played an instrumental role in shaping my journey. Within a few months of my arrival in mumbai, I was lucky as I got an opportunity to join Neena ji’s theatre group called Sahaj. We performed various theatre shows with Neena ji as my director and co-actor. It was during these plays I learnt some invaluable lessons under her guidance.”


“To my utter delight now I got  the opportunity to share screen space with Neena ji in the film Kaagaz 2, where she portrays the role of my mother. Right from the very first day, our bond was instant. During a particular scene, wherein Neena ji’s character gets very emotional, I impulsively rose from my seat, gave her a warm hug and whispered, “I love you, Mom.” This imporvisation delighted all, including Satish ji even though it was not originally scripted. Working alongside Neena ji is always amazing as as laughter and joyfullness fills the air. The experiences we shared during this project are truly priceless.“

Darshan Kumaar portrays an IMA officer in the film, Kaagaz 2, that released in theatres on March 1.

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