Aamir Khan Shares Thoughts On Casting Karan Deol In ‘Lahore 1947’: ‘His Sincerity And Honesty….’

New Delhi: The upcoming film ‘Lahore, 1947’ produced by Aamir Khan Productions is indeed one of the most anticipated films that has piqued the audience’s interest in it. The periodic film has a dream team attached to it with some of the most creative names in the entertainment industry working in every department to make the film a grand cinematic affair on-screen. Besides the formidable forces Sunny Deol, Rajkumar Santoshi, and Aamir Khan coming together for the first time.

A few days ago, it was revealed that Sunny Deol’s son and actor Karan Deol has auditioned for a crucial character in Lahore 1947, and in a recent exciting update it is been learned that Karan is finalized for the role for which he has auditioned.

The actor will be seen essaying the character of Javed in the film and throwing the light on his character, actor-producer Aamir Khan said, “I am so happy that Karan Deol has tested so well for the extremely critical role of Javed. His natural innocence, his sincerity, and his honesty bring a lot to the table.”

Continuing the same, Aamir Khan said, “Karan has really applied himself, worked hard, done workshops with ADISHAKTI, rehearsals with Raj, and is giving it his all. Javed is a great part, a very challenging part, and I am sure that with Raj Santoshi to direct him, Karan will nail it.”

Aamir Khan Productions and Raj Kumar Santoshi are known for great casting in their films and with the casting of the ambitious project ‘Lahore 1947’ getting exciter and bigger day by day the audiences can expect a plethora of exceptional talents in the film.

Besides this, Rajkumar Santoshi has also roped in the immensely talented Santosh Sivan as the cameraman of Lahore 1947 who is been honored with a Pierre Angénieux tribute at Cannes. 

Talking about ‘Lahore 1947’, Aamir Khan will take over the charge as producer under Aamir Khan Productions, while accomplished director Rajkumar Santoshi will helm the project, and Sunny Deol and Preity Zinta will be leading the film as the main actors.

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