5 Reasons To Catch Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’ On OTT

New Delhi: After garnering critical acclaim in theatres, ‘Laapataa Ladies,’ directed by Kiran Rao and produced by Aamir Khan, the film is gearing up for its OTT release. Starring Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, Chhaya Kadam and Ravi Kishan, the film takes viewers on a captivating journey through rural India in 2001. 

When and Where to Watch ‘Laapataa Ladies’ on Ott

On April 26, the movie will be available to stream on Netflix. The announcement of ‘Laapataa Ladies’ joining the Netflix lineup was made by the streaming giant itself through its official Instagram handle. 

Five reasons to watch ‘Laapataa Ladies’ on Ott

Here are five compelling reasons why this movie deserves a spot on your watchlist. 

1. Subtle yet Powerful Message: ‘Laapataa Ladies’ delivers a compelling message with subtlety. The film addresses significant societal issues without being overtly preachy. Through the trials and tribulations faced by its characters, the film subtly conveys powerful messages about gender equality, empowerment and the importance of making choices.

2. Seamless Rural experience: The film offers a seamless portrayal of rural life, immersing viewers in the rustic charm and authenticity of its setting. From set design and cinematography, every aspect of ‘Laapataa Ladies’ resonates with the director’s thematic and simple vision.

3. Refreshing songs: The film features a soundtrack that adds to its overall charm. Arijit Singh’s ‘Sajni’ and Sukhwinder Singh’s ‘Doubtwa’ complement the narrative pretty well. With refreshing melodies, the songs enhance the storytelling experience.

4. Stellar Performances: The characters of Phool and Pushpa, portrayed by Nitanshi Goel and Pratibha Ranta respectively, offer contrasting yet complementary perspectives. While Phool navigates grief and vulnerability, Pushpa embraces unexpected freedom, sparking a subtle rebellion against societal norms. The film has nuanced character arcs and intricate plot developments. Characters like Inspector Shyam Manohar and Manju Maai add depth to the storyline.

5. Engaging humour: ‘Laapataa Ladies’ strikes the perfect balance between humour and emotion, keeping viewers entertained throughout. 

Penned by Sneha Desai and based on a story by Biplab Goswami, ‘Laapataa Ladies’ offers an authentic portrayal of village life. Despite a modest start at the box office, the film’s positive reviews and word-of-mouth have contributed to its success, with a global revenue of approximately Rs 21.65 crores after 50 days in theatres.

The film is now set to premiere on Netflix on April 26, 2024.

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