Sunny Deol Did Tauba Tauba Dance Steps Long Before Vicky Kaushal. Watch Video

Tauba Tauba song: Actor Vicky Kaushal’s dance moves in the new song ‘Tauba Tauba’ from his film ‘Bad Newz’ has gone viral with everyone trying to do the hook step. However, actor Sunny Deol has humorously pointed out that he performed those steps long before Vicky, a claim that filmmaker Karan Johar has also acknowledged. 

What Sunny Deol said

On Tuesday, Sunny Deol took to his Instagram Stories to share an old clip from his 1996 film ‘Ajay,’ in which he and Karisma Kapoor danced to the song ‘Chhammak Chhallo.’ The video was edited to include the audio of ‘Tauba Tauba,’ showing Sunny performing steps remarkably similar to Vicky’s. 

Sunny captioned the post, “When they say you can’t dance, and then you find you did it before anyone else did.” A fan originally shared the video with the caption, “Vicky’s gonna have to wait.” The clip also had the words, “Sunny Deol did it before anyone else.”  

Karan Johar re-posted the clip on his Instagram Stories, exclaiming, “OMG!!!!!! He did it first!!!! Sunny sir” followed by red heart emojis. 

Sunny Deol Did Tauba Tauba Dance Steps Long Before Vicky Kaushal. Watch Video

Tauba Tauba song

The song ‘Tauba Tauba’ features Vicky and Tripti Dimri dancing to its lively beats. The song and its dance step have gone viral with Instagram influencers making reels trying to do the hook step. 

Vicky’s dance in the song has been widely praised by many celebrities, including Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Salman shared the song’s video on his Instagram, writing, “Great moves, Vicky. Song looking good. Best wishes.” Hrithik Roshan commented on Vicky’s dance video, saying, “Well done, man. Love the style.” 

Katrina Kaif’s reaction to Vicky Kaushal‘s dance moves

The actor recently shared his wife Katrina Kaif’s reaction to the song. “The biggest relief was when she approved of the song. She was like this is good. And I was like shukaar hai (heave a sigh of relief). She keeps telling me, ‘I know you love to dance. But you are a baraati dancer, and not a trained one’. That’s because I get carried away, and she tells me that is fine in real life, but I need to preserve the energy for the camera. This time, she was happy because I held it back in terms of expression, moves and attitude. She was talking on those lines when she said that dancing is good. And She was happier on that front that I kept it cool,” he told Film Companion in an interview. 

Directed by Anand Tiwari, ‘Bad Newz’ is a comedy drama exploring the funny side of a rare pregnancy phenomenon – ‘Heteropaternal Superfecundation’, wherein a woman gets pregnant with twins from two different fathers. The film also starring Ammy Virk,  is set to hit theaters on July 19. 

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